Everything You Need to Know About the New Bond Girl, Stephanie Sigman

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From their strikingly good looks to their cleverly strong attitudes, a Bond Girl is far from an ordinary woman. What's even more important is that the actresses who are lucky enough to land the notable role each bring something unique and interesting to the table. For instance, one of the newest leading ladies, Stephanie Sigman, is the first Bond girl from Mexico, and her beautiful personality is just as captivating as her head-turning looks.

We caught up with Sigman before the kickoff event for Belvedere's collaboration with Spectre, and she shared with InStyle what it's really like to play a Bond girl. Plus, we've got her workout and beauty regimen all below.

How did you prepare for the role of Estrella in Spectre?
"It was easy, because Estrella and I both know how to have fun. It was so easy to work with Daniel [Craig] and Sam [Mendes]. I can’t say too much, but also in the movie we are celebrating Day of the Dead, which is a big tradition where I’m from. It's a big parade where we celebrate Los Día de los Muertos. It’s really important for us, so I was very proud that I got to do that in my country."

How was the atmosphere on set for Spectre?
"Everybody was so nice, and I was a bit nervous because Christopher Waltz was there. You know he's such a great actor, but everyone was working together, and they were super nice. Sometimes you don’t expect that. You expect them to be like mean celebrities, but they were actors on set working, and they’re super cool. The lead producer Barbra [Broccoli] is a strong super cool woman and I really admire her."

What's the best advice she gave to you?
"She told me to keep doing projects that I really like, and only choose ones that I’m really passionate about. Sometimes you can be a bit too ambitious and that’s not always the best way. As an artist you have to do what you feel passionate about. It has to be something you can connect with. Sometimes it’s hard to do that because people want you to be working all time."

Any crazy workouts or fun stunts that you learned to prepare you for your role?
"No. Not this time, but I workout because I like it. It keeps me sane and it clears my mind, so yeah that’s something that I do for myself. I like running, and I like boxing."

Belvedere is the official Spectre martini. How do you like your martini?
"I like it shaken, straight up with a twist. That’s my favorite, but I’m also excited to try this new one for Spectre 007. It has a Sicilian olive."

On Instagram you were watching your Netflix show Narcos with a face mask on, what's your favorite beauty mask?
"It’s my alter ego on Instagram. I don’t have a favorite beauty mask or anything. I just always try new things to see if they work. I just thought it was funny, because I was watching myself on screen be all glamorous. I was acting as a fancy lady in the '80s, but I was actually at home with a facemask on, so I thought it was a good contrast."

What's your typical beauty regimen like?
"I wash my face with soap and water. I use whatever I have. I will even wash my hair with the hotel shampoo so I don’t use anything special. I try to keep it simple. Or maybe I just haven’t found the thing that I like."

You recently grew out your bang. Did you learn any tips or tricks?
"It’s awful. That process took a long time. I loved that style, and now I’m actually thinking about going back to bangs."

Would you ever do a pixie?
"I would. I really want something super short, like a boy, but I can't because of the roles that I play."

What do you typically eat for breakfast?
"Oh, breakfast is my favorite thing in the world. I always eat a big breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, and I need energy. I’m trying not to eat bacon that much, but I really love it, and eggs, and tortillas (corn tortillas), but sometimes I do pancakes instead."

Do you have any tips for looking refreshed and well rested when you have early call times?
"I’m still young so coffee, but that can change over the years. But right now it’s just coffee."

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