Why You Should Start Using Body Serums
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Below is an excerpt from "Body Serums Are the Bikini Savior You Should Start Using Now," which originally appeared on POPSUGAR BEAUTY. Read the full story at

You've probably been using face serum to target specific skin care issues for years — vitamin C serum for brightening, a hyaluronic formula for moisture, and an antioxidant tonic for anti-aging. Now those luxury, deep-penetrating treatments are getting a full-body update. These elixirs aren't like your typical body lotions or butters.

First of all, these body serums are a lot thinner in consistency in order to get the ingredients deeper into the skin (most other body formulas just create a barrier over the surface). But the light finish makes them perfect to use alone during the warmer months, or you can layer a serum under your moisturizer during the Winter — just like you would with your facial regimen.

You'll find that, after a few weeks of steady application, the flaky patches on your feet, the discoloration on your thighs, those bumps on the back of your arms, and even the dark spots on your elbows seem less noticeable. It's like getting a blurring self-tanner treatment that never wears off! Ahead, see our list of must-try body serums.