Bobby Bones DWTS
Credit: ABC

If you’re watching season 27 of Dancing With the Stars, you’ve heard directly from Bobby Bones that he isn’t the best dancer. The radio personality isn’t exactly at the bottom of the leader board (you’re my boy, Grocery Store Joe) but he also isn’t nipping at the heels of anyone who has actually been blessed with rhythm.

Even though Bobby has yet to crack the top five, his determination has not been squashed by DeMarcus Ware’s size 13 shoe. He’s going to work hard to learn the routines. Then again, Bobby is also aware of the fact that there is a score that isn’t numbered on a glittery judge’s paddle. It’s called the “popular vote.” Bobby wants to entertain. Bobby wants to make ‘em laugh. And Bobby is going to count on his effervescent personality as his secret weapon when his jazz hands and fan kicks are unable to get the job done.

I get what Bobby is trying to do, but I don’t always agree with his execution.

Here’s how it went down. During week two, Sharna choreographed a proper foxtrot with traditional steps. There was a decent amount of musical theater and a handful of jaunty eight counts to pacify Bobby’s popular vote campaign. About halfway through, Sharna positioned them in standard hold for the remainder of the routine.

It was all exactly what the judges wanted to see in a foxtrot; Frank Sinatra crooned about New York. The pair glided across the floor. Sharna ended the routine cuddled on a bench. Bobby was supposed to slide in beside her for the finale, but instead? He made the decision to start flossing.

Those in the dance community collectively gasped — it’s rude and disrespectful to go rogue just to get a cheap laugh. Sharna played it cool, but it has been confirmed that she was not happy with her bespectacled teammate. The question on everyone’s mind was, “Can Bobby tone it down?”

After watching his contemporary performance this week, the Magic 8-Ball reveals that all signs point to yes. I believe one of two things happened during rehearsals this week. On is that Sharna may have laid down the law and threatened to spray tan Bobby to death if he didn’t follow her choreography.

Alternatively, it may have also been the fact that the entire piece revolved around his difficult upbringing — Bobby shared the story of the death of his mother, as well as the fact that he was the first person in his family to graduate high school. It's impossible to goof around and go rogue when you're busy making everyone in the audience cry — and with this performance, I think Bobby proved his ability to inspire a range of emotions, and earned himself a spot in the next round.