By Rita Kokshanian
Apr 03, 2014 @ 11:01 am

When it comes to what looks good on your face, there aren’t many people who know what will work for you like makeup guru extraordinaire Bobbi Brown. So it comes as no surprise that Brown has partnered with the Safilo Group and launched a line of stylish spectacles. The collection of glasses, readers, and sunglasses are designed in a variety of shapes and colors with the goal of enhancing a woman's natural beauty.

"Being a beauty expert, I've always been aware of how glasses can transform the face and wanted to take the mystery out of how to choose the right glasses," Brown said. There is a three-step system for choosing which of the 16 different eyeglasses and 14 sunglasses are best for your face. First, choose from four styles: Modern, classic, trend, or sport. Next, choose your face shape. Lastly, choose from the four different color palettes, each of which has a different purpose. Nude and blush tones act just like blush (who knew!). Neutral tones create a bare look, while tonal colors balance the skin tone. Contrast colors (like blue and black) strengthen and heighten the face and lips. Hey, it's just like makeup!