The cultural appropriation battle surrounding Braidgate rages on.

Days after Kim Kardashian West ditched her braided hairstyle that launched a thousand tweets, the inspiration for the cornrows in question is speaking out.

In a lengthy tweet, Bo Derek herself addressed the history of the 'do, defending Kardashian West in the process.

"Hey! It’s just a hairstyle that I wore in the movie '10' @KimKardashian calls it the Bo Derek because she copied my pattern of braids," the actress wrote. "I copied it from Ann-Margret’s backup singer from her Vegas Sho. And we all copied Queen Nofretari. I hope Her Royal Highness is flattered."

Derek, 61, included three photos with the tweet: one of herself from the iconic '70s flick 10, one of Nefertari, the first queen of the 18th dynasty in Egypt, and one of Kardashian West sporting the short-lived look.

Kardashian West was famously nonplussed by the controversy. In the midst of it, the reality star shared a photo of herself as "Bo West" reclining on a hotel bed and holding a phone to her ear. “Hi, can I get zero f*cks please, thanks.”

As for Queen Nefertari? Something tells us she had more important things to worry about.