Khloe Kardashian
Credit: Getty Images (2)

Her sister Kim may have swapped her platinum hue for her natural brunette, but that's not going to stop Khloé Kardashian from aiming for blonder ambitions!

Earlier this month, the star amped up her ombré effect, only to brighten up again in a solid blonde hue over the weekend. Khloé first dabbled in the dip-dye trend back in 2013, when she added golden tips to her deep brunette tone, and her highlights have been steadily climbing ever since. At this rate, she's well on her way to platinum, but don't expect her to ditch her long layers anytime soon.

"My hair is like my security blanket," she previously told InStyle. "I rarely wear my hair up. I have this nervous habit where I touch my hair without realizing it---my mom will call me after I do a talk show and will be like 'Stop playing with your hair!''' If our strands looked that glorious, we'd have trouble letting go, too!