Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

It's not news to us that Blake Shelton is absolutely smitten with Gwen Stefani in between all the flirting on The Voice, the loved-up compliments, and the adorable selfies—and the "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" star couldn't resist cracking a smile as Late Night lead Jimmy Fallon teased him about his girlfriend during a recent appearance on the show.

The country crooner made a stop on the popular talk series Tuesday evening to perform a few of his singles off of his If I'm Honest album, and the host couldn't resist not-so-subtly sneaking in a few references to Blake's platinum-haired leading lady during the interview.

"Oh really, let's hear ["Every Time I Hear That Song"]," the Voice coach deadpanned as the chuckling late night emcee joked, "What's [the song] called again? I'm singing it today."

After nailing a twangy version of the single to an unamused Shelton, the funnyman cued the in-house band The Roots and launched into a rendition of "A Guy with a Girl," which sounded awfully similar to "Just a Girl" sung by none other than former No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani. And while the country star struggled to keep his composure during the song, he eventually cracked and started laughing.

"I feel the influence on that one," Jimmy joked as he belted out the tune and showed off some Stefani-esque dance moves.

A chuckling Shelton conceded, "Let me just say, normally you're not very funny, but that was pretty funny."

Watch Fallon's Gwen-inspired take on Shelton's songs in the clip above!