Blake Shelton Hilariously Fails at Playing Pictionary with The Voice Judges

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Photo: nbcthevoice/instagram

It seems like The Voice judges’ competitive streak continues once they leave those big red chairs. New judge Alicia Keys took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video of herself playing Pictionary with her co-stars Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Miley Cyrus, and the game quickly got heated.

“What are we doing? Blake, it’s Snapchat. Hurry up!” Keys says in a pieced-together clip uploaded to Instagram. “We’re playing Pictionary,” the country crooner responds as he stands up by the board, getting ready to draw for his teammate Lambert. “We gon’ win,” Cyrus tells the camera.

In the next clip, we get a peek at the Maroon 5 front man trying to figure out what the heck his fellow judge is doodling. “What’s that? The Voice logo. What are you doing?” he asks. “Oh, I know what it is!” Cyrus taunts.

“It’s five fingers, one of which is strangely bigger than the other. It looks like a hand on a stick,” Levine exclaims. “It is a hand on a stick!”

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Next up, it’s Cyrus and Keys’s turn, and they didn’t seem too excited about their prospects. “Are you a good drawer?” Keys asks. “I can draw aliens and cats, and that’s pretty much it,” Cyrus responds. Luckily, Keys was able to correctly guess her drawing of a princess, making the girls respond that they were the winners.

“We were better,” Keys says to Levine. “They’re not better,” he retorts in a silly video. “We’re better than you!” she answers.

Watch the cute clip above to get a sneak peek at the new judges’ playful rapport before the show premieres on Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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