By Christopher Luu
Updated Dec 14, 2018 @ 8:30 pm

Blake Shelton is nothing if not 100% on-brand. In a new interview, the country superstar compared his relationship with Gwen Stefani to a Christmas song — one of his own Christmas songs, naturally. While promoting his new holiday flick, Time to Come Home for Christmas, he dropped one of his own lyrics.

Shelton and Stefani have been dating for three years after meeting each other on The Voice. Since then, there have been no shortage of super-cute moments, false wedding alarms, and constant questions over just when a real-life wedding would happen. Stefani recently said that the two were in no rush and Shelton backed her up. He told Today host Natalie Morales that while they're not engaged and definitely not husband and wife, they "aren’t just dating, you know."

John Shearer/ACMA2018/Getty Images

"This is something that I feel like is meant to be," he said. "I've learned more from Gwen Stefani as a human being, and how to grow as a human being, than I have from anybody ever in my life — anybody."

That's not where he dropped the lyric from "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" the Christmas duet he sings wit Stefani. He continued:

"She's everything that you could hope a human being could be. She makes it feel like Christmas."

Cue the awws. And while the sentiment would seem insincere coming from anyone else, it seemed genuine when Shelton's signature drawl delivered it. When Morales interviewed Stefani, she noted that she felt like Shelton was her "forever man."

"Going through all these hard times, [you] get to a place where you find somebody that’s like your best friend, that you know you can depend on and trust and go through life," she said. "We’re just trying to be in the moment as much as we can.”

No timelines, no pressure. Who says the holidays have to be hard? Shelton and Stefani seem to be handling the season without a problem.