By Isabel Jones
Updated: Sep 14, 2018 @ 11:52 am

Blake Lively got suited up for the N.Y.C. premiere of her film A Simple Favor on Monday, but it wasn’t until she was dressed and ready that she realized something vital about her top (which happened to be part of a men’s suit): it was see-through.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Frightened by the potential for a major wardrobe malfunction, the actress quickly sprung into action. “I’m in my hotel and I call and I say, ‘Hey, can I have like the mechanical department? I need duct tape, quick!’ and they’re like ‘Is there a pipe broken?’” Lively told Jimmy Fallon on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show.

“I was so worried, because I’m wearing this thing, and when I open my arms to put my arms around people … You know when you’re freaking out about something and you know that’s like all anyone else is seeing. You’re aware of it, so all anyone says is pointing out this thing that you’re paranoid about — but no one’s really noticing?” Yeah, girl, we know it.

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Blake was so preoccupied by her sheer shirt that she nearly got into a brawl with a man on the red carpet. “This guy goes, ‘Blake, your teets are amazing!’” Lively continued, “and I’m like, wait, excuse me? Are we saying that? Have you been on Google in the past year? And he goes ‘and your husband’s teets are even better!’ and I was like ‘Oh … tweets!’ Twitter. My tweets are amazing. I was so relieved that it was about my mind, but after I was like, but how are my (motions at chest) … How are they?”

NBC/Getty Images

Blake, your tweets are amazing — and your chic suit-streak isn’t bad either!