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Guess who?! It came as a very pleasant surprise to those watching Saturday Night Live last night when Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds appeared on camera. In Melissa McCarthy's opening monologue she grabbed an audience member and gave her a tour of backstage. And who should they run into, but Lively and Reynolds who appeared to be "just chilling" backstage. "What are you doing here?" asked a pretend-shocked McCarthy. Reynolds replied, "You invited us."

Credit: NBC

VIDEO: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Cutest Couple Moments

McCarthy and her audience member guest then ran off to do a tequila shot and meet a llama. Although Lively and Reynold's appearance appeared totally random, it was a star-studded night for McCarthy who joined the Saturday Night Live 5 Timers club. Because McCarthy has now hosted the show five times, she joins the ranks of Alec Baldwin (who made an appearance as Trump and said hello to McCarthy and guest) and Steve Martin. Martin made a special appearance at the end to present McCarthy with a 5 Timers jacket (that was styled like a cozy robe).

Other 5 Timers include actors Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, and Drew Barrymore.

During the show McCarthy reprised her now-iconic role as Sean Spicer and got to play with a bunch of new roles such as a character on a baking-themed game show and a housewife obsessed with her own "animal." We wonder if Blake and her husband continued watching from backstage. Hopefully they at least got chairs!