Is There a Double Entendre In Blake Lively's Instagram Comment to Ryan Reynolds?

Hey it's us, your favorite sleuthing reporters out here working hard to decode the sometimes innuendo-laden language of celebrities on social media. The latest subject of our investigation: This juicy comment left by goddess-like human person Blake Lively, 31, on a photo posted by her hunky husband Ryan Reynolds, 41, on Instagram.

First, we present the original photo. Note, it's of an Aviation Gin truck (Reynolds is a co-owner and face of the brand) and features the witty tagline "Driver does not carry cash, just Aviation Gin." Ha, ha, good one, Ryan. He one-upped himself with the caption, "Turns out the driver really doesn’t carry cash. But he DOES carry pepper spray... and a shitload of @aviationgin."

But Reynold's wit wasn't the focus of Lively's interest. In a comment caught by our favorite star stalking Insta account, @CommentsByCelebs, Lively wrote, "Who needs a minivan!? I'm driving this from now." Nothing like picking the kids up from school in an alcohol truck, am I right?

She continued, "Subtle, gorgeous and OHMYGAWDYOUREHUGE." That last bit translates to "Oh my God, you're huge," in case you were having trouble, and appears to be a double entendre. To over-explain it for you, her comment could both be referring to the fact that Reynolds is 1) literally oversized in the blown up image on the truck or 2) um, well proportioned, anatomy-wise.

Who's to say what it could all mean?!

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