Blake Lively is clearing up a few things when it comes to her new baby's godmother.

Last week Amber Tamblyn, who starred with Lively in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films, said that she and castmates Alexis Bledel and America Ferrera were godmothers to Lively and Ryan Reynolds's newly born baby girl, James. However, it turns out that, though the foursome did share a pair of fantastic magical pants, Tamblyn's story wasn't quite correct.

During an interview with E! News to promote her new film The Age of Adaline, Lively shed light on the situation. "I would call them more fairy godmothers. I never named them my godmothers—but I don't want to hurt their feelings!" she said. "No, they're my dear, dear friends. I would say my baby has a lot of fairy godmothers."

So who is baby James's real godmother? Well, she doesn't have magical pants, but she was a teen witch. Lively said that her sister Robyn Lively, who is known for her 1989 movie Teen Witch, is actually the person charged with the task. "... my sister would be the one to take care of my baby [if something were to happen] and not those crazy loons," Lively said, jokingly.

No matter what, it sounds like this baby has a lot of very cool ladies looking out for her!