Blake Lively Proves Just How Incredible Her Hair Really Is

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

We all know Blake Lively has beautiful hair, but we didn't know it had super powers until now. On Instagram, Lively posted a hair-raising split-frame photo of herself that bared an uncanny resemblance to Buddy Pine, the villain in the animated flick in The Incredibles. With Lively's adorably goofy facial expression, it's a bit difficult to tell which is which:

In the caption she wrote, "... Who wore it better? C'monnnn, my hair is my super power!! Now show me some of your INCREDIBLE hair moments!" Following that gravity-defying hair photo, she showed off another amazing hairstyle on Instagram that was a little more Disney princess than Pixar villain. In this throwback photo, her hair is a little more reserved, though still quite incredible, pulled back into a gorgeous thick chignon:

Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds, who are now parents to newborn daughter James, have been showing off their humorous sides lately with funny Instagram snaps. While Lively is apparently watching some fun, animated flicks and getting some serious hairstyle inspiration, Reynolds recently posted a Photoshopped picture of the couple recreating Britney Spears's and Justin Timberlake’s denim outfits.

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