Motherhood is nothing like Blake Lively imagined. The expectant mom stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers in a figure-hugging sequined dress and dished on everything from her 1-year-old baby James with hubby Ryan Reynolds to her growing baby bump (“This is not brownies”).

Before giving birth to her first daughter in December 2014, Lively had some unrealistic expectations of what motherhood would be like, thanks to one gorgeous Instagram account. “She just made having a baby look lovely. Everything is white and she always has a fresh blueberry pie that’s steaming and scones and clotted cream, and she’s reading The Old Man and the Sea. And her little boy who’s roly with bonnets is just like sleeping while knitting, you know, a little like kid caftan,” she joked. “It’s amazing and I thought, this is lovely! And her toddler is like giving her a reflexology massage. What?”

“My kid is like playing with like explosive devices. I don’t know where she’s found them, like sticking it in our dog’s ear. I mean it’s just like, she already knows how to drywall because she puts holes in the wall,” Lively said of her toddler’s mischievous ways.

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The expectant star also joked around about what life will be like when she has two little ones at home. “I feel like at a year and a half she’s equipped to be a babysitter, right? Like we can go out and do date night and we’ll be fine with that?”

Between her new movie, The Shallows, and her little troublemaker at home, it sounds like this pregnant star has her hands full. Watch her hilarious interview above.