Here's Why Blake Lively's Instagram Feed Currently Features a Naked Dude Who Isn't Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively seems like a ride-or-die gal, the kind of friend who would take your call at 4 a.m. without question. How do we know this? Well, alright, sadly we don't (though give us a call if you want to change that, Blake!) but we do know that if she's as committed to her friendships as she is to her movies, she'd be next level.

Lively has been going hard at the press circuit lately for her new movie, A Simple Favor, and some of the promos have upped the ante past anything she's done before. We're talking NSFW levels of extreme.

This week, Lively posted a very naked picture of a dude spread eagle-ing on a table in front of her, while she was dressed immaculately in a suit (one of her go-to style choices lately).

In typical Ryan Reynolds fashion, he wasn't about to scroll past his wife's eyebrow-raising picture without weighing in.

"He seems nice,” Reynolds joked.

While this picture certainly was an unexpected way of promoting her movie, it isn't the first time Lively has gotten creative with her new release. Here are some other ways she's changed the game while encouraging fans to see A Simple Favor.

1. Only following people named "Emily Nelson."

No, it's not that Lively just loves this name so much. Lively surprised her fans when she promptly unfollowed everyone on Instagram (including Reynolds) and started following 27 people named Emily Nelson. The twist? That's Lively's character's name in A Simple Favor. Clever, Blake.

2. Wearing lots and lots of suits.

As a Gossip Girl alumna, it almost goes without saying that Lively's off-screen fashion is just as stylish as her on-camera costumes, but she's switched it up lately by going for tailored suit after tailored suit. It's also an outfit that her character likes to wear, so this might just be a case of life imitating art.

Blake Lively embed
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis

3. Deleting every single Instagram photo she had.

She simultaneously broke hearts and blew minds when she scrubbed her Instagram of pictures. Thankfully, she's kept a steady stream of pics coming since, but the initial shock really caught people off guard.

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