Blake Lively Rallies Women to Action in Wake of Weinstein Allegations

Blake Lively arrived on the set of Good Morning America on Monday in bold yellow Brandon Maxwell separates to promote her upcoming film All I See Is You.

But despite her cheery (one might say Lively) outfit, the actress addressed a less-than-jovial topic during the interview: sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

Days after divulging her own account of sexual harassment in the film industry, Lively addressed the widespread allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein and noted that the problem stretches far beyond the celebrity set.

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that this isn’t just Hollywood,” the 30-year-old began. “This is so much more global, and it’s not like ‘Oh, guess what, this is what is happening to women suddenly.’ This has been happening since the beginning of time and now people are finally talking about it—and I think that’s what’s important."

She continued: "I never had experiences like this with Harvey, myself—I only had positive ones with him—but that goes to show, you don’t always see what’s going on behind closed doors. I think when people come forward, your bosses, you have to acknowledge it. There’ve been moments where I’ve come forward, other people have come forward, with things that feel a little—and you’re not sure—but then your bosses tell you that this is not a priority to them, you think ‘OK, well this must not be that big of a deal. Maybe what I’m complaining about isn’t really that big of a deal.’ And it is.”

"It’s more than just like ‘We’re talking about it; we’re supporting it’—it’s action,” Lively said. “Everyone says they stand in solidarity, but you have to show that you stand in solidarity.”

Amen, Blake.

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