Blake Lively Red Hair
Credit: INF photo; Courtesy Photo

Why did Blake Lively dye her gorgeous blond strands red? For a movie! We got the inside scoop: "We dyed Blake's hair for Hick, a movie she's working on," Lively's longtime colorist Rona O'Connor told InStyle. The Gossip Girl star is currently filming the indie coming-of-age film, due out in 2012, in which she'll play a grifter who takes Chloe Moretz under her wing. "Blake will be going back to blond, but because this red is so dimensional and natural, that won't be hard to do," O'Connor continued. "I would never have taken her red if I didn't think we could go back to blond without any damage." To create the shade, O'Connor stripped away build-up with a pre-color treatment, then started with a red wash. She layered a blend of highlights—gold, gold apricot, and fired copper—to complete the transformation. "Blake and I named this shade Fire Opal, after one of her favorite stones," says the colorist of Lively's gemstone hue (inset). "It's a very natural red, like the shade a child is born with. She looks so beautiful." O'Connor was the perfect pick for the job—the Beverly Hills colorist is also responsible for Debra Messing's signature red. What do you think of Lively's new hue? Tell us in the comments below!