Ryan Reynolds Revealed a Crazy Detail About His Daughter's Birth While Trolling Blake Lively

Ever since Blake Lively began promoting her new, mysterious film A Simple Favor via some crafty social media tactics, her husband, Ryan Reynolds, has been trolling his wife at every turn—and this time he may have just inadvertently revealed that Lively is the real superhero in the family.

On Saturday, Lively shared another trailer for her latest movie on Twitter alongside some questionable emojis, throwing Reynolds into a total tailspin. "You can tell me. We’re married. You once drove me to the hospital when you were giving birth. So… what the fuck happened to Emily?” he begged his wife.

While Reynolds's reaction is not surprising, considering the superstar couple's history of throwing loving jabs at each other on social media, what is shocking is the contents of his message. Why was she driving? And how did she manage to keep her cool while doing so?

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds lead

In any case, the dad of two's comment prove that Lively is superhuman. We don't know very many women who would be brave enough to get behind the wheel of a vehicle moments before giving birth. But, hey, this is Blake Lively, the multi-tasking mama who admitted to Allure that she sometimes pumps breast milk while driving.

And while, we aren't sure if Reynolds is referring to the couple's first daughter James's birth, or the delivery of baby Inez, the duo does have a penchant for unconventional baby-having tactics. Reynolds once revealed to late night host Seth Meyers that he played Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" in the delivery room while welcoming James.

Despite the pain, Lively found the experience humorous. "She was, pretty much, making jokes the entire time,” Reynolds said.

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