Blake Lively's Daughter James is Jimmy Fallon's Biggest Fan

"We gotta stay away from you, Jimmy."

We all know who Blake Lively's daughter James' favorite celebrity is now!

On a new episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (January 29), Blake noted that her young daughter "couldn't make it" to the show because she was "so intimidated" by Fallon. As such, the 5-year-old was too nervous to make an appearance on the late night show – and maybe it's a good idea that she did!

"We gotta stay away from you, Jimmy," Lively joked when Fallon asked about how little James was doing.

"She's like buddies with Taylor Swift, no problem, Jimmy Fallon, can't speak," Lively explained, hardly unable to contain her giggling. "You are Beyoncé to her. She's very, very, very intimidated," she told Fallon. That's saying something, especially since little James' voice is the one heard at the beginning of Swift's hit "Gorgeous," so the pair have certainly spent a bit of time together.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that little James is such a big fan of Fallon, especially since she mistook the host for her father during an adorable video four years ago in 2016 when she was just a baby.

During the segment, Fallon gave Lively a big cardboard cut-out based on his likeness, a joke that seemingly resonated with little James. She ended up giving it a kiss and calling it "dada," despite the fact that Fallon and Ryan Reynolds look nothing like one another.

Lively and husband Reynolds recently welcomed their third daughter in 2019, but haven't yet shared her name or a clear photo of her just yet. It seems the family of five is thriving – especially little James. Maybe she'll be able to toddle onto Fallon's show in the near future and reconcile her nervousness around the host soon as she continues to grow up a bit.

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