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In celebrity news you didn't expect today, there is a real-life familial connection between Gossip Girl and High School Musical, and it's blowing our minds.

After a little digging by Buzzfeed, it's come to light that Blake Lively and Bart Johnson (otherwise known as Coach Bolton from High School Musical) are actually related. Yes, you read that correctly.

In case you need a refresher, Coach Bolton was kind of a huge deal in High School Musical. He played legendary basketballer/singer Troy Bolton (Zac Efron)'s strict dad who eventually learns to accept Troy's relationship with Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) after worrying initially that she'd distract Troy from his basketball career.

Lively, on the other hand, is best known for her portrayal of Gossip Girl queen bee and It-girl Serena van der Woodsen, who has her dirty laundry continuously aired by the show's mysterious "Gossip Girl."

IRL, Johnson is married to Lively's older sister Robyn Lively, who's an actress in her own right, with credits that include a recurring role on '90s cult classic Twin Peaks. This makes Johnson and Lively brother- and sister-in-law.

On top of all that, the family seems to be pretty close. Johnson's son Baylen even sat with Lively on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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And all this time we had no idea Serena van der Woodsen and Coach Bolton were part of one big happy family.

Mind blown.