Blake Lively Is Fearless, Smiles Mere Feet Away from a Black Bear

Blake Lively just proved that husband, Ryan Reynolds, isn't the only superhero in the family.

The actress was all smiles during a casual run-in with a black bear—what's typically a harrowing encounter for most people. The Age of Adaline star posted the chance meeting on Instagram, with a reaction that confirms she is absolutely fearless. In the photo, Lively is spotted mere feet away from the bear, pointing in its direction near a collection of garbage bins.

"...I have a feeling he's really gonna take to the choreography I have planned for us," she hilariously wrote. "Don't worry, I've seen lots of Disney movies." Given that Lively has gone up against a great white shark in The Shallows, her reaction isn't totally surprising.

After this brave move, we think there should definitely be a superhero movie next on the mom of two's agenda. A woman who was scared of becoming too famous, but totally unafraid with a bear in her purview? Sounds very Clark Kent-esque to us!

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