Blake Lively's Awkward Teenage Throwback Will Seriously Make Your Day

Even the most secure woman in the world may feel her confidence falter at the sight of the dazzling, successful, and (by all appearances) happy Blake Lively. No one’s perfect, we know, but the charming 30-year-old actress and mother-of-two seems pretty darn close.

Flawless as she may be, Lively’s not above poking fun at herself—just another reason we can’t get enough of the Gossip Girl alum.

On Tuesday, Blake posted what may be the dorkiest (and most endearing) photo of all time, and it truly made our day.

“Because we all need to smile right now. And sometimes embarrassing, pubescent photos are the only way ...” Lively captioned a throwback photo of her teenage self in a pair of red ski goggles while clutching a cat wearing matching red goggles—seriously.

Blake Lively

It’s rare to strike such pure Instagram gold, but Lively’s throwback did not disappoint.

Thank you, Blake (and anonymous cat), for bringing levity to an otherwise heartbreaking week.

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