Blake Lively Celebrated Her 30th Birthday with Cake and Anna Kendrick

Our worries over Blake Lively’s 30th were all for naught. Despite putting in a day of work last Friday (her actual birthday!) on the Toronto set of A Simple Favor, the actress found time to celebrate the milestone.

On Sunday, the mother of two began treating her Instagram followers to a barrage of b-day shots. Lively kicked things off with a photo of herself sandwiched between superstar jewelers (and siblings) Ofira Sandberg and Lorraine Schwartz—aka Lively's “sisters from a different mama.”

Next up, Lively shared a photo of the full birthday crew gathered around a table of delicious-looking cakes. “My super sweet 16. ... but like 14 years late,” Blake joked in the caption, tagging her partners in celebration: author Angie Niles, co-star Anna Kendrick, manager Justin Grey Stone, an unknown blonde, as well as Sandberg and Schwartz.

Lively also showed off some of her gifts: a dazzling choker from Jacquie Aiche, and festive balloons from her older sister Robyn.

As a social media sendoff, the newly 30-year-old made a photo collage of her and her birthday swag. Clad in a striped Aritzia duster ($225;, gray wraparound miniskirt, white tee, and cheetah-print Christian Louboutin loafers, Lively grinned amidst a sea of flower arrangements and baked goods.

“Last gratuitous bday post: Thank you to everyone who sent me treats and made my day SO SPECIAL!!! Love you all. And to all my friends who didn't, you're dead to me,” Lively wrote, teasingly calling out those who missed the festivities.

Looks like a blast, Blake!

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