Paul Rudd Turns 46
Credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Paul Rudd has found the fountain of youth—kind of.

The actor, who rings in his 46th birthday today, is not only known for starring in a slew of crowd-pleasing films like Clueless, I Love You, Man, and This Is 40, but also for looking positively ageless. Frankly, we can't believe he's over 40, so we dug through our archives and found a quick anecdote from March 2013, back when Rudd served as InStyle's Man of Style. When asked for his skincare elixir, the They Came Together lead cited a common product: "I am a big believer in sunscreen," he tells InStyle. "I'm not one for tanning. I used to be, back when I was rocking the Depeche Mode look. Honestly, I wear sunscreen not to prevent wrinkles but because I don't want to get skin cancer." We dig it!