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Wet Hot American Summer Foods - Lead
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The new arrival of the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is finally upon us, and what better way to binge watch than by chowing down on your camp food favorites? But while we're definitely nostalgic for summers spent sleeping on bunks and breaking lights-out curfews, we're less fond of the food we ate in the mess hall. So in order to appropriately celebrate our favorite adult actors playing teenagers, here are five grown-up versions of classic camp cuisine.

Even with a lake usually a stone's throw away from the kitchen, most camp cooks opt to serve up frozen fish fingers to hungry campers. Since we're no longer at the mercy of a hairnetted woman feeding dozens of kids on a budget, we'll opt for these crispy cod fritters served with a garlicky potato and yogurt dipping sauce.

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After you picked out the generic M&Ms, it became all too clear that peanuts and raisins are just filler. We can do better, and "better" means bacon which joins sweet pineapple and soy glazed nuts in this Tiki snack mix.

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We don't know where it came from or what it's made of, but this ubiquitous beverage seemed to pop up in paper cups at the end of every afternoon activity hour. Too bland to be Tang and too watery to be Hi-C, let's ditch it and instead sip on come very adult orange wine (which can also make its way into cocktails).

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Marshmallows roasted over an open fire with chunks of Hershey bar and graham crackers are pretty hard to beat, however this toasted marshmallow semifreddo with salted milk-chocolate sauce and freshly baked crackers might just do it.

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Rather than chopping up off-brand hotdogs into some wartime ration cans of baked beans, try this more refined cassoulet made with Great Northern beans along with knockwurst, weisswurst, and Italian sausage.