Bill Clinton's 2012 Democratic National Convention Speech: Hillary Watches In Support!

Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Brooklyn Decker
Photo: WireImage; US State Dept.; Courtesy Photo

Well, this is just too cute! Last night, former president Bill Clinton gave his speech at the Democratic National Convention, and doting wife (and our Secretary of State, of course!) Hillary Clinton caught up a little later in the night by watching a replay from halfway around the world in Southeast Asia. This adorable sign of support and affection got us thinking about famous couples who support each other in their endeavors. Brooklyn Decker has been a staple this week at the US Open Tennis Championships while husband Andy Roddick played his heart out in his final games before retirement. And we're still thinking abouthow Jay-Z watched in awe on the sidelines as Beyoncé rubbed her baby bump on stage at last year's MTV VMAs. We just love all these couples!

Plus, see more adorable celebrity pairs!

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