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Beauty Mistakes on Date-Night
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We've all been there: It's hours, minutes even, away from a date, and that nagging voice in the back of our mind starts to creep in. What should I wear? Do I look appropriate? Am I setting myself up for disaster or success? Having gone on many a date, I can honestly say that for every woman out there analyzing every last detail, there are just as many guys doing the same. Still, just knowing that you're on an even playing field doesn't guarantee a great get-together. And, for a woman, one of the surefire ways to sabotage a date is by failing in the beauty department. To that end, I'm here to give you the lowdown on what beauty mistakes you should never make on a date. From avoiding excessive makeup to leaving the Uggs at home, read on for my tips on how to successfully navigate the romantic waters.

Never Wear Your Hair Up in a Haphazard Bun

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No, we're not saying you're forbidden to get an impressive updo (although that's a bit prom), but when going on a date, no guy wants to think his lady rolled out of bed, tossed her hair up in a bun, and beelined out the door.

Don't Wear Too Much Makeup

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It's a golden rule: Don't glob mountains of makeup on your precious face. Not only does it look rather cheap, but it can also make your intentions appear forceful.

More Specifically, Don't Wear Much Eye Makeup

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A delicate, slightly smoky eye is all well and good. But caking on the mascara and eye shadow are key signs you either: (a) are trying to emulate one of the Kardashians or (b) have trouble distinguishing between a tender date night and a night out at the club with your girls.