By Lara Walsh
Updated May 18, 2017 @ 8:45 am
Credit: Warner Bros

The trailer for the Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon is here, and it's actually all kinds of adorable.

With the recent news that the mega-hit Big Bang Theory—currently in its 10th season and showing no signs of waning in popularity—was officially renewed for two more seasons, it comes as no surprise that CBS has ordered a straight-to-series prequel about a young Sheldon Cooper and how his childhood in a religious, football-obsessed Texas town led him to grow up into to the "Bazinga"-touting character we know today.

VIDEO: Young Sheldon Is Actually Really Cute in the Big Bang Theory Prequel Series

What is surprising is just how endearing the young Sheldon is in the new trailer, released on Wednesday. Jim Parsons—who plays the adult theoretical physicist—narrates the story and gives us insight as we see Iain Armitage, who has serious TV credentials after portraying Ziggy on HBO's Big Little Lies, somehow transform those annoying Sheldon-esque rules and habits into adorable quirks.

Credit: Warner Bros

In the series, the 9-year-old boy genius finds himself placing into high school, where he quickly annoys his fellow classmates and teachers with his intellect, penchant for following the rules, and an obsession with the grooming code. Let's just say his brother, who is also in ninth grade, isn't too happy when the young boy tries to start a bowtie trend and starts questioning his teachers' credentials.

In a sweet twist, Laurie Metcalf's daughter Zoe Perry will be playing the younger version of Sheldon's mother in the new series. Lance Barber, Raegan Revord, and Montana Jordan are also starring in the spinoff.

The inaugural episode of Young Sheldon will debut Sept. 25 before taking its place on Thursdays at 8:30 pm ET after new episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Watch the full trailer above.