Beyond the Twitterview: 5 Things We Learned About Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne
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Disney darling Bella Thorne stopped by the InStyle offices yesterday and managed to Shake It Up for our editors. After the triple threat singer-dancer-actress made a beeline for the fashion closet (see the pics above) and answered 10 fan-submitted fashion and beauty questions tagged #AskBella for a fun Twitterview with @InStyle, she sat down to tell us all about her forthcoming record and summer tour (click here for cities and dates). Her inspiration? “This is going to sound weird, but Pitch Perfect !” Thorne said. “They’re just singing with their voice and that was so beautiful. Anyone can sing if you work on it. And that’s what I’m doing.” And the Florida native thrilled about the chance to meet her fans when traveling across America. “I’m excited because I don’t do a lot of performances,” said Thorne. “I’m going to talk to my fans. I’m going to sit there and joke around with them, maybe have a few of them come on stage.” Find out five more fun facts we learned about Bella—outside our Twitterview—by reading below!

1. HER GO-TO DANCE SONG IS...“I like ‘Hit ‘Em Up Style’” by Blu Cantrell. It’s so fun.”

2. HER MANTRA: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT“When I’m dancing, it depends on what schedule I’m on, but usually two hours a day. We used to do it six hours a day.”

3. HER GO-TO FUEL WHEN DANCING, SINGING, AND ACTING “Slim Jims and tomato juice!”

4. HER ULTIMATE SUMMER OUTFIT“Espadrilles and high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfiters or American Apparel.”

5. HER MUST- HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCT: MASCARA “I love eyeliner because you can really get the more cat-shaped eye. But mascara is so important because then you can see your lashes.”

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