Beyonce - Sienna Miller - Michelle Obama -- Jean Paul Gaultier
Credit: Getty Images; Courtesy of JewelMint; Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood; Getty Images; Courtesy of NEP Snooki Enterprises; Getty Images

1. Girls who run the world, listen up: Beyonce will launch third fragrance this fall! [Coco Perez]

2. Sienna Miller is JewelMint's newest celebrity guest curator! [People StyleWatch]

3. Vivienne Westwood created totes for the launch of her Ethical Fashion Africa Project. [Style Bible]

4. Michelle Obama rocked red pants in her iCarly cameo. Bold. [PopEater]

5. Snooki's footwear line will soon include pickle print flip-flops. Of course it will. [Fashionista]

6. 'The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier' exhibit in Montreal opens this Friday. [The Cut]