Lunchtime Links
Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News; Timothy Greenfield-Sanders/Corbis; Kimberley French; Courtesy of Cynthia Vincent; Courtesy of Forever 21; Courtesy of 2Be

1. Beyonce did a number at Harvey Nichols, loading up on some of the season's most covetable items like Alexander Wang's Coco Duffle—oh, to be a super star! []

2. Guccio Gucci's grandsons, Guccio and Alessandro, are following in his footsteps with a new handbag line, To Be G, but have no desire to "replicate the Gucci brand." []

3. Everybody wants a piece of Yves Saint Laurent—an auction of his housewares tripled expectations, raising 13.22 million dollars! []

4. Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim are next up on the Target train, both debuting accessories collections for the retailer in April 2010. []

5. In continuing exceeded expectations, New Moon blew the box office away this weekend, beating out Harry Potter for the record. []

6. Forever 21 launched a beauty line, love & beauty, and nothing is more than $10! []