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It's hard to believe that over 16 years have passed since we were first introduced to Beyoncé Knowles through the musical group Destiny's Child. Especially since the chart-topping singer still looks exactly the same. Some may argue that it's the makeup or the fancy cameras, but Knowles proved that she really is a natural anti-aging beauty by posting a makeup-free selfie on her website.

Beyonce Makeup-Free Selfie
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The singer gave us further proof that she really is flawless with a makeup-free selfie.

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The 33-year-old singer gazed into the camera for a fresh-faced selfie, finally demonstrating once and for all how she really wakes up. Even without all of the glamorous makeup, Knowles still looks absolutely stunning. Those full eyebrows are a girl's dream come true, and her skin is as smooth as butter. It's always refreshing to see Hollywood ladies take a break from being made up to show their authentic selves. Maybe more stars will follow Queen Bee's lead.

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