What Beyoncé Was Telling Tiffany Haddish When They Took This Photo

Tiffany Haddish's December plans involved releasing a brand-new book, hosting Saturday Night Live, spending time with Taylor Swift, oh, and hanging out with Beyoncé. Casual.

The two stars snuggled up to each other in an Instagram Haddish posted Friday, and we have all the time in the world for this new celeb friendship.

"@beyonce was telling me that my wig was slipping.... 😂 But for real she told me to have fun and I DID! #SHEREADY #thelastblackunicorn#beyonce."

Already giving each other advice? Sounds like the start of a budding friendship to us. One question: Will Haddish treat Bey to a Groupon swamp boat tour in the near future?

Haddish has been celebrating the release of her new book The Last Black Unicorn, which is a series of raw personal essays and sidesplitting commentary from the stand-up comedian and actress.

We hope to see more of these two together soon because let's face it, this is the celebrity friendship the world deserves going into 2018.

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