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Sure, most of the time Beyoncé wakes up #Flawless, but her latest shade of blonde came with a little help from her trusted hair colorist Rita Hazan. "I don't think her hair has ever been this long or blonde," Hazan, who has dubbed the hue nude-blonde, tells InStyle. "She's feeling her hair. It's the lightest it's ever been, and she will keep it for the summer." Beyoncé's stunning Givenchy number for the Met Ball was the inspiration behind the color, and Hazan made slight tweaks to her current shade in order for the blond to complement the gown, but not be an exact match. "We wanted it to work with the dress, and to go with the nude look, her hair had to have hints of nude," she adds.

If you're hoping to go for the same hue, we recommend taking a picture of Queen Bey to your hairstylist so you can get the color exact, but keep in mind that this tone borders more on the neutral scale than platinum. "It's a neutral, nude color—not white, not gold," she explains. "Platinum and wild pops of color are so abusive to your hair. This is more natural, but still really light and blonde." As an added plus, it's an easier shade for brunettes in particular to shift toward, thanks to the warm hints in her highlights.