The rumor mill is spinning just as fast as Beyoncé can twirl her hair on stage. What’s the latest hot gossip? That the mother of three, 36, is expecting her fourth child with husband Jay-Z.

According to a recent print issue of Star, “insiders” (do Bey and Jay really let anyone come so close?) are claiming that Beyoncé was pregnant during her Coachella performance in April, going as far as to say that doctors checked up on her vitals backstage in between costume changes. (A representative for Beyoncé did not return InStyle's request for comment.)

Of course, the news is all extremely speculative, but fans that have attended the couple’s joint On the Run II Tour are putting the pieces together, pointing to "hints" in her wardrobe.

Other fans are coming to her defense, ridiculing the theory and suggesting that it’s not okay to comment on a woman’s body, especially one who gave birth just one year ago.

In case you forgot, Beyoncé left us shook after she announced she was expecting twins Sir and Rumi in an Instagram post that doubled as a whimsical work of art in February of 2017. Not to mention, she revealed her pregnancy with Blue Ivy to the world while performing live at the VMAs. So if she is, in fact, expecting, we wouldn’t be shocked if the news came in an artful form. The On the Run II Tour ends in October, so perhaps she’ll tell the world on stage?

Should the news be true, adding a fourth child to the Carter fam would be particularly significant to Bey and Jay, who have a funny obsession with the number. They got married on April 4, 2008, have the number tattooed on their ring fingers; they've also dedicated music to the number (Jay-Z’s 4:44 and Beyoncé’s 4). Some have even suggested that the "Ivy" in Blue Ivy is actually a nod to the Roman numeral "IV".

Our brilliant name suggestion: Four Carter.