It’s been a pretty wild year for Beyoncé, what with the getting bitten, raising twin babies, releasing a joint album with her hubs, going on an international tour … Plus, you know she has to troll the internet comedy underworld to stay on her corny joke game for Mama Tina.

It’s always just when we think Queen Bey’s given us everything we could ever ask for that she steps in and ups her own game. Such was the case last night when Bey (or, you know, someone who works for her) posted several intimate family photos on her website from the Carters’ time abroad during the European leg of her and Jay-Z’s On the Run II tour. The collection included some of the most ridiculously glam photos we’ve ever seen—many of which took place either on a yacht or in a retro red Fiat sports car.

One of the images, however, rose above the rest: a portrait of Bey and her 1-year-old twins Rumi and Sir.

Of course, we’ve been fooled before when it comes to the Carters’ newest additions. At the beginning of the OTR II tour, an image of Beyoncé holding two babies flashed on the screen. Fans immediately assumed the babies in question were Rumi and Sir, because like, why would she just be sharing professional photos of herself and two random kids? But, alas, it was all a ruse!

This time, though, the babies photographed are almost certainly of Carter descent—I mean, look at them!

Beyonce Twins Embed

They also look like they’re about to get in an epic water balloon fight, and we certainly wouldn’t want to be on the opposing team. Yes, Rumi and Sir are only 13-months old, but they have those Beyoncé genes! Girl’s a survivor, which we’re sure applies to water balloon battles.