Beyoncé Had the Most Chill When Her Floating Stage Malfunctioned in Midair

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Beyoncé wasn’t going anywhere during the Warsaw leg of her and Jay-Z’s On the Run II Tour on Sunday night. To cut to the chase, Bey (or Queen Bey, Mother, B, Sasha Fierce, Yonce—whichever strikes your fancy) literally got stuck on a floating stage that enjoyed its airtime so much it refused to come back down to Earth.

Fans on social media captured the incident and, not surprisingly, Beyoncé handled it the way we’d expect her to—with finesse. While the production crew affixed (and rigorously tested) a ladder to the floating stage, the show came to a brief halt, during which fans chanted, “Beyoncé! Beyoncé! Beyoncé!” Bey danced to keep the Beyhive entertained until it was safe for her (and her Kenneth Cole boots) to make her way down.

A technological hiccup at a Beyoncé show may seem like a rarity, because, you know, Beyoncé, but apparently the mishaps aren't irregular. At #Beychella earlier this year, her sparkly Balmain costumes became a problem after the strappy half of her bodysuit continuously fell down, and her over-the-knee boots refused to stay up.

But still, it’s Beyoncé we’re talking about, and the queen of live entertainment has been pushing past it. Just last week, fans captured footage of her looking sick, yet still hitting every note while on stage in Berlin.

On this Monday, just remember, you have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé.

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