A New Beyoncé Music Video Could Drop Any Second Now

And just like that, Beyoncé is back on the tip of our tongues.

Nearly three months after giving birth to twins Sir and Rumi Carter, the singer is now expected to come back with something major. In an interview with Canadian newspaper La Presse, director Michael Gondry (the guy behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) reveals he’s filmed a “clip” for Queen Bey.

Say what?! Don’t hold your breaths too long, though. He didn’t say much: “Unfortunately, it’s not out yet because she had her twins.” According to him, the “clip” he shot is finished, and it’s “très très bien” aka amazing, brilliant, legendary, probably life-changing.

So can we expect new music? Our fingers our certainly crossed. Beyoncé has pretty much shied away from the spotlight while pregnant and since giving birth. And as she usually does, a totally out-of-nowhere new music video or movie like Lemonade would make our year.

Granted, it could be just a clip for an old song, a tribute to her family, or a video for Ivy Park, but we're hoping it’s a new jam.

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