What could possibly be bigger than the news that Beyoncé is expecting twins? The news that Beyoncé gave birth to twins, of course! And even bigger than that ... the release of their names!

After much anguish on our part, we finally know the names of Queen Bey and Jay-Z’s newborn baby girl and boy. Drum rollllllllll….Based on a report by TMZ, People has speculated that the power couple’s offspring are named Rumi and Sir.

We must admit, this is a tad bit of a let down considering their firstborn is named Blue Ivy—we were expecting something more along the lines of Green Bamboo and Red Hibiscus, but, alas, Bey and Jay defy expectation (hello, remember Lemonade?!?).

Although little is known about the twins at this point in time (aside from what Grandpa Knowles let slip), we’re certain baby Rumi and Sir are getting along quite well in the Carter household—Blue must be overjoyed!