This Video of Beyoncé and Jay-Z Doing the Electric Slide Is Exactly What 2017 Was Missing

On Thursday a video of American royalty Beyoncé and Jay-Z (and Queen Mother Mama Tina) surfaced, and it brought us an unfathomable amount of joy.

In said video, which Tina shared on Instagram, the trio, joined by other friends and family members, do the electric slide en masse.

Queen Bey, clad in an oversize navy and yellow plaid shirt with a jewel-encrusted trim, baggy jeans, a yellow shoulder bag, and spindly cactus-bearing white boots, grooved out in the center of the crowd with a water bottle in her hand, balancing on her stilettos like only Beyoncé can.

Behind her stood (er, danced) Jay-Z. Rocking his signature baseball cap, a checkered hoodie, and white sneakers, the rap god raised his hands with glee throughout the number.

To Jay and Bey’s right was Mama Tina dressed in all black, a pair of platform sandals on her feet. Judging by her smooth moves, we think we can definitively say Queen Bey got it from her mama.

Twitter was just as enamored by the video as we were.

2017 = made.

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