The Beygency's power knows no bounds. 

By Isabel Jones
Updated Feb 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

Beyoncé is a curated Queen, and as much is evident on her Instagram page.

It is, for the most part, a collection of highly professional photos of Bey and her every show-stopping outfit, often uploaded in sets of threes — like a good influencer does.

Visually, it reads as the work of an experienced social media manager (though it didn't always). The singer gets to jump aboard the celebrity IG craze without surrendering any of the mystery attached to her persona.

However, there is one notable exception to Yoncé’s enigmatic social media veil: her birthday tributes.

Bey loves to celebrate her famous friends, but she’s not one to post a selfie and call it a day. No, the living legend has a very precise method for her birthday tributes, and it certainly bucks tradition.

Taking the Bey out of B-day, the singer posts solo shots of her friends … as children. And it’s really cute, don’t get us wrong, but, like, where does she find all these photos? She’s Beyoncé, so we don’t doubt she has connections, but we prefer to believe that she is somehow, secretly, the owner of a celebrity throwback photo archive (and museum, maybe?) consisting of millions of never-before-seen retro shots.

Though she’s experimented with this method in the past (see below for baby Oprah circa 2015, and lil’ Solange in 2013 and 2015), she’s really upped her game in the past few months, posting tributes for Michelle Obama, Oprah, Kelly Rowland, and a commemorative series for the late Kim Porter.

So, the question remains: Why does Beyoncé choose to celebrate the women in her life with childhood photos? I’m no psychology expert, but my theory is that it has something to do with being a child star herself. Since she rose to superstardom as a teen, maybe she idealizes her childhood as a time that she was able to be and feel her true self, away from the flashbulbs and materialism that naturally seep into celebrity life? ~Just a thought~.

Anyway, celebrity aside, childhood is thought of as the most innocent and therefore truest time in one’s life, and perhaps Bey’s just trying to showcase who her famous friends are at heart. See me after class for more theories.

Thank you for the tribute posts, Bey. We can’t wait to see what adorable throwbacks you unearth next.