An icon as an icon. 


Forget sexy Mr. Rogers — let Beyoncé show you how to celebrate an icon for Halloween. (Seriously, please don't dress as sexy Mr. Rogers.)

On Friday morning, Bey posted images to her website of herself dressed as Lisa Bonet for last year's Halloween. Clad in a top hat, Lisa's signature tiny shades, and long black curls, the "Lemonade" singer was a dead ringer for Bonet as she posed with twins Rumi and Sir Carter perched on her hips.

Why she decided to keep these glorious images to herself for nearly a full 365 days (not like we're counting), is beyond me, because, well, have you seen the pics?

Of course, the Beyhive nearly lost their collective minds when they got a glimpse of their queen dressed as another queen.

This isn't the first time that Beyoncé has used her Halloween costumes to celebrate iconic women of color — she's previously dressed as Toni Braxton and Olympian FloJo.

In addition to the images of herself dressed as the actress/definitive '90s fashion icon, Beyoncé posted a slew of photos from the past year — her 37th year — in celebration of her birthday. (The singer turned 38 earlier this month.)

In a handwritten note, Bey thanked her fans for their support: "Thank you from the depths of me for all my Birthday Loving," she wrote. "I had an incredible B-day! I'm grateful for every breath. I thank GOD for all of my Blessings, my wins, and my Losses. I thank GOD for All of you!"

She also apologized (honestly, not necessary Bey!) for responding three weeks after her actual birthday passed. "I would have posted earlier But I had work to do," she said. Honestly, the photos as more than enough to make up for her tardiness.

Now, when's Zoë Kravitz gonna weigh in?