Beyonce and Blue Ivy LEAD
Credit: beyonce/Instagram

This mother-daughter duo is taking #twinning to a whole new level.

We've always thought that Blue Ivy resembled her dad Jay Z a little bit more than her mom Beyoncé, but this new photo begs to prove otherwise. Tina Knowles shared an adorable collage of pictures on her Instagram account earlier this week, and in the post her daughter and granddaughter look exactly alike. The 'gram includes a shot of the "Formation" singer at a very young age next to a recent image of little Blue, and we can hardly tell the difference between the famous pair. And to bring the point home, Knowles also included a third snap that combines half of each of their faces to make one whole, and it appears to be one person.

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"Someone sent this to me. How cute is this?" she captioned the uncanny photo.

The apple definitely doesn't fall far from the tree in this family.