Camryn Rabideau
Apr 02, 2017 @ 1:30 pm

Is there a color Beyoncé doesn't look good in? The pop icon has been cycling through the colors of the rainbow in her maternity style, and so far, she's looked simply stunning in every shade. This week's color? Dark purple-blue!

The 35-year-old "Formation" singer showed off her latest bump-bearing style on Instagram with a flower-themed photo montage. (A few weeks ago, she did the same thing with her blush-colored trench coat, and before that, it was a black mini dress.) In the new psychedelic video, photos of Beyoncé in the long-sleeve dress are overlayed with purple and blue flowers. Queen Bey flaunts all her angles while the song "Pop That Thang" by The Isley Brothers plays in the background.

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In addition to the low-cut purple gown, Beyoncé's latest look included bold drop earrings featuring multicolored gems, gold-and-black sandals with gems embedded in the wedge, and a huge silver ring with an eye-catching blue stone, which made some fans speculate that there's a baby boy (at least one, since we're talking twins here) in her future.

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It looks like the expecting mother isn't the only one who's excited about expanding the family, either. If you scroll through the multi-picture post on Instagram, there's an adorable shot of Blue Ivy hugging her mom's belly—so sweet!

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We'll be patiently waiting for Beyoncé's next rainbow-inspired maternity outfit.

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