When it comes to Beyoncé idolization, we're with Taylor Swift, who recently told KissFMUK that she has a near-unhealthy obsession with the singer, revealing, "I love her more than the normal amount." While Queen Bey may not be stopping by our birthday party anytime soon (that invitation must have gotten lost in the mail ...), the star's latest scent offers up a new way to channel her enigma.

Set to arrive at mass retailers any day now for $59 per bottle, the Heat Wild Orchid scent launched in Europe last year, and after a year of not-so-patiently waiting, the scent is finally making its stateside debut. Along with its bouquet of honeysuckle, magnolia, coconut, musk, and amber notes, Beyoncé's latest spritzer counts the butterfly orchid, with purported aphrodisiac qualities, as its centerpiece. Heat Wild Orchid, just like the star's previous scents, is also infused with an ample amount of girl power, and "expresses the bold femininity of women" while exuding almost as much sensuality as the star herself. Independent ladies, rejoice!