From Beyoncé's Mona Lisa Smile to JaredHugginLeto's Return: The 10 Best Celebrity Instagrams from the Weekend

Celebrity Instagrams
Photo: Instagram/jaredleto; Instagram/ronanfarrow

JaredHugginLeto is back! This weekend, while our favorite Jared Leto meme got a reprise from the Oscar winner himself (above, left), Jay Z and Beyoncé made their way to the Louvre Museum in France to view the Mona Lisa (above, right).

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As other stars like Kelly Osbourne and Lea Michele took in some sunshine, January Jones and Rita Wilson caught a tear-inducing performance by Sia. See what other special moments Hollwood shared on Instagram this weekend below!

1. January Jones"Uhhhh. Best performance ever Sia. You made me weep. #ritawilsonishot."

2. Kelly Osbourne"Thank you @ms_go_lightly for taking this pic its such a confidence booster! I don't give [a f—] I look good! #nofilter."

3. Madonna"Play or be Played..........Winter is coming!"

4. Gisele Bündchen

5. Kerry Washington"Behind the scenes. #scandalstylethelimited"

6. Lea Michele"Let the sun shine!"

7. Lena Dunham"Rest day."

8. Ronan Farrow"Her eyes seem to follow you wherever you go. And the Mona Lisa's eyes are okay too I guess."

9. Jared Leto"Uh oh ... here we go again! #JaredHugginLeto"

10. Elizabeth Banks"Celebrating @ms_carineh tonight - did #myownhairandmakeup #maxmaradress"

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