Betty White - Deadpool Review
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

Everyone's favorite Golden Girl is apparently a big Ryan Reynolds fan. Betty White took to Facebook to express her love for the hunky actor and endorse Reynolds's Deadpool with a hilarious video review of the upcoming movie. The sassy comedian, who recently celebrated her 94th birthday, delivers her thoughts on the film, which she describes as "glorious" and "once in a generation," all while maintaining the deadpan air of faux innocence that she's so loved for.

"Plus, Ryan Reynolds looks so f—ing handsome in his red leather suit," she says sincerely. "I give it four Golden Girls. It's the best picture of the year."

"So, go see Deadpool this Friday," she adds before the camera pans out and reveals that she's sitting on the lap of a promotional cardboard cutout of Reynolds's character.

Watch the hilarious video above. Deadpool hits theaters today, Feb. 12.