Actress Betty White attends the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's 44th Annual Beastly Ball at Los Angeles Zoo on June 14, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Credit: Michael Kovac/WireImage

Don't let her age fool you: Betty White would be happy to be back in the dating game! Though she's not necessarily vetting potential suitors at the moment, she's totally up for the fun task.

In an interview this Thanksgiving morning on Today, the legendary actress admitted to Al Roker: "Nobody asks me." She continued, "Who's gonna wanna ask out a 94-year-old woman? It just doesn't happen."

Roker asserted that there are definitely men in her age group who are interested! In jest, she responded, "Well, how old are you?" We seriously cannot get enough of her! She resumed her signature one-liners when Roker inquired about whether she was more like her Golden Girls character Rose Nylund or her Mary Tyler Moore role Sue Ann Nivens. "She liked men and so does Betty," White replied of her similarities with Nivens.

"It's a hobby of mine," she divulged of her feelings about guys. "They might not know it, though." Hilarious!

When it came to discussing the secrets to having long and fulfilling professional and personal relationships, White prescribes kindness. "You don't say the hurtful thing even if you're irritated or upset because that sticks, that sticks around." Her other suggestion? "Everybody should have or cultivate a passion. Don't be afraid to really get hooked on something, because that will refurbish your energy."

White is set to star in Bones through 2017, so we hope there are much more interviews like this one in the near future.