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After fifty years in the business, Betsey Johnson paid tribute to her beginnings by going back in time, on the runway, that is. The fashion show began with her signature prom dresses from the 2000s and slowly moved back in time by decade to the 1950s. “I was trying to think, where did I get this ‘something’ from that has been able to feed me ideas," she explained. The answer? The recital costumes she donned as a young woman.

Betsey Johnson
Credit: MCV Photo

In attendance was 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler, who recently fronted Betsey Johnson’s Capezio Campaign. "There’s probably going to be a cartwheel and a lot of fun outfits,” she predicted moments before the show. Indeed, Johnson struck her signature move to culminate her 50 years, but it wasn't without some much-needed practice. “I just did one cartwheel and a split," she confessed backstage. "I haven’t done it in so long.”

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